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I was more shocked by the latter. Current showrunner Manny Coto met with the Television Critics Association in a cocktail reception, and he went there on both topics. First for new news. A technical decision will be where to pick up the season premiere. Coto is leaning towards picking up immediately, but jumping forward is a possibility. This direction for the story in no way indicates the series wrapping up, says Coto. We actually had no idea whether we were going to go two years or four years, what have you when this decision was made. Writing begins February 1, so everything is till on the table.

25 Ways “Dexter” Went Wrong

Dexter ‘s fifth-season kickoff may have pulled in an impressive 2. Yes, Dexter is officially experiencing a veteran show’s often-inevitable pitfall—the sometimes painfully contrived in-dating among cast regulars. Many mature shows suffer from such cast-cest. Maybe the problem develops two seasons in, maybe four. Given a fixed cast of characters, the trigger is simple enough.

‘Dexter’: Deb’s dating service. November 18, | am. Dexter__ We watched with incredulity this season when “Dexter’s” Debra Morgan paired.

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Jennifer Carpenter: Debra Morgan

Hall , a lab tech for Miami Metro Homicide — and also a secret serial killer vigilante who hunts down criminals who’ve escaped punishment. With his plastic-coated kill room and cold scalpels, Dexter enacts his own form of justice by dispatching these folks, dismembering them, and dumping their bodies where they shouldn’t be found. The stakes heighten further and further with each season as Dexter tries to balance his Dark Passenger and his eventual responsibilities as a brother, husband, and father, and his double life ends up exacting a huge death toll — especially on the people he loves the most, like his wife Rita Julie Benz and his sister Debra Jennifer Carpenter.

By the end of Dexter ‘s run in , Dexter Morgan has lost everything, including the inner monologue that drove the audience’s engagement with his story.

Debra knows! But loves him! Like reaaaally loves him On Sunday night’s Dexter finale, Debra confessed to having non-.

Spoiler warning: Don’t read this if you don’t want to know what happens in the “Dexter” season finale. So maybe fans shouldn’t have been so surprised — to say nothing of shocked, baffled, and repulsed — by the so-called “incest” storyline between siblings Dexter and Deborah Morgan this season. The pair aren’t blood relatives, after all: Show runner Scott Buck tells TheWrap that writers have considered the possibility that Deb Jennifer Carpenter might carry romantic feelings for Dexter Michael C.

Hall almost since the start of the show, even though it took her until Sunday’s season six finale to truly realize it. Carpenter and Hall must have seen the possibilities; they were briefly married during the show’s run. It’s something we’d always talked about and it just felt like it was time to finally deal with that issue. He added: “It’s funny to me that people could happily accept Dexter as a serial killer, but once Deborah has love for her brother, that that’s where the ‘ick’ factor for them comes in.

It’s not like television hasn’t gone there before: Relations between non-biological siblings would be positively tame compared to the blood-relative incest in the latest seasons of “Boardwalk Empire” and “Game of Thrones. Deb’s love for Dexter complicates the other major development of Sunday’s finale: She finally caught him killing someone the Doomsday Killer, played by Colin Hanks.

Dexter Deb Dating Real Life – Joey Quinn

Debra’s feelings and opinions were evident by her facial expressions. She was 5’9′” in height, slim with an athletic build. Deb was very fit and capable of running down a perp when necessary. On the right side of her stomach, she had a scar from when she was shot during ” Dex Takes a Holiday.

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Did Anyone Else Feel As Icky As I Did About the Dexter Finale?

While it’s a dream come true for Debra to be promoted to Lieutenant, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Dexter’s adopted sister; she ended her relationship with Quinn, sought therapy for the stresses of her job, and realized the love she felt for Dexter wasn’t just platonic, it was romantic. But that was before she saw Dexter doing what he does best: slaying a serial killer. Debra is torn between her brother and her badge, and only time will tell how she’s able to deal with this shocking revelation and the dark memories it brings up.

In some ways Deb was more messed up than Dexter, and he was a serial killer, so that’s saying something. “While (Debra) was layered, she was.

If you didn’t see it, stop reading this now. Consider yourself warned For six seasons I’ve loyally watched Dexter , so last night’s pivotal plot point in which Debra learned her brother Dexter is a murderer, something that’s been under wraps since day one, should have been the greatest of reveals. But I just couldn’t shake the dirty substory of Deb deciding she is in love with her brother.

Let me back up, Deb has been attending therapy sessions this season because she’s seen endless horrible things as a Miami Metro lieutenant. But out of the blue in one session, the therapist suggested that Deb has a crush on her brother.

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Dexter

Rita finds herself threatened by Dexter’s sexy new NA sponsor Lila, and stressed by a visit from her estranged mother, while Dexter tries to throw the dogged FBI Agent Lundy off his bloody trail. Dexter begins to question Lila’s suitability as his sponsor, and Rita encourages him to find a male one. Rita’s visiting mother, Gail JoBeth Williams , becomes sure that Dexter is hiding something from the family. Cody starts having nightmares about the Bay Harbor Butcher.

When Debra started dating her superior, FBI Special Agent Frank Lundy. Showtime. In Season 2, Deb became romantically involved with the.

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Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter to divorce after just two years of marriage

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No misstep was worse than the horribly misguided storyline in which Deb realizes she has feelings for Dexter Michael C. Not like strong fondness for an important person in her life, like romantic feelings for her adopted brother. Just no. This was not okay. So where to pinpoint the worst example of this adoption incest? Was it the first time Deb brought up the subject, introducing the subplot before it even snowballed?

That might be letting them off too easy. It could easily have been when her therapist Dr.

TV: ‘Dexter’ Producer Talks Season 7, Icky Adopted Sibling Romance!

Now that Deb knows her brother’s big secret on Dexter — that Michael C. Hall ‘s titular character is a serial-killing blood spatter analyst — it’s the beginning of the end for the Showtime series. Earlier in the day, Showtime chief David Nevins insisted there was still a possibility of the series carrying on. To really tell this story of the two of them negotiating their relationship in this new landscape requires that much time.

Pairing: Dexter Morgan/Debra Morgan. Alternative name(s): Debster. Gender category: Het, Incest. Fandom: Dexter. Canonical?: semi-canon. Prevalence.

Read on with caution…. Here, the EP — who has worked on the Showtime saga since the very beginning — details the decision to let Dexter live, explains why the ending fans saw was the only one on the table pun intended , breaks down the significance of that haunting final shot and much, much more. Going into exile away from everything that he knows and has become attached [to] in his whole infrastructure is a more fitting punishment for what his journey toward being a human being has cost everyone around him.

Deb, who was his touchstone and soulmate, died — and this was the only fitting punishment. He banishes himself, if you will, into exile. Do you know how much easier it is to be a sociopath, and not to think and not to have anxiety and not to have hesitation or to love? Anything that was a part of his life that gave it meaning is gone. The rest is silent. Well, not from Year 1, but certainly two years ago when we mapped this out.

And Deb, who is the closest to him of anyone, [suffers]. That was always [planned]. We felt that it would be really cheating not to have an ending that was specific to what we wanted to say… This is always as we have planned it. For example, the manhunt that would inevitably happen for Harrison and Hannah, or the fallout from Dexter taking Deb from the hospital, etc. All of those beats were fully discussed.

Is Dexter’s Michael C. Hall Dating His Sister?

It’s hard to believe but on Oct. The beloved Showtime crime series about a serial killer came to an end in , but its cast members have been up to a lot since then! The entire show revolved around his character, Dexter Morgan , a forensic blood spatter analyst at the Miami Metro Police Department by day — and a serial killer who targets other murderers by night. Keep reading to see what Michael and more of the cast are up to now…. After “Dexter” ended, Michael C.

Dexter’s fifth-season kickoff may have pulled in an impressive million of the show—apparently in Miami, the only people worth dating are your coworkers. Yes Or what about homicide cops Debra Morgan and Quinn?

Our coronavirus coverage is free for the first 24 hours. Find the latest information at tampabay. Please consider subscribing or donating. The finale episode of Dexter on Sunday highlighted every problem that has turned this drama about a serial killer of killers from Showtime’s crown jewel to a series well past its sell-by date. Senseless tragedies for main characters. A bland, uninspiring villain.

Increasingly silly explanations for why police don’t figure out Dexter’s true nature. And a blithe disdain for the moment-to-moment welfare of his son that borders on cruelty.